Field Trips

FT1: Water Resources and Innovative Water Strategies – A Virtual Field Trip in the Texas Hill Country

Leaders: Linda Ruiz McCall, Chock M. Woodruff, Jr., and Brian B. Hunt

Date: 10/26 (8:30 AM - 12 PM), 10/27 (8:30 AM - 12 PM)

FT2: Analysis of the Longhorn Cavern modern cave system as to formational processes, internal cave sediment fills, and initial breakdown: first step in understanding buried collapsed paleocave systems

Leaders: Bob Loucks and Chris Zahm

Date: TBD

FT3: A Survey of the Wilcox Group from Integrated Core, Wireline, and Outcrop Studies (Field Component)

Leaders: Peter Flaig, Iulia Olariu, Cornel Olariu, Jinyu Zhang, Thomas Demchuk, Chris Denison, and Jennifer O’Keefe

Date: TBD

FT4: Stratigraphy and Hydrogeology of the Cow Creek/Trinity Aquifer System

Leaders: Charlie Kerans, Brian B. Hunt, and Kelly E. Hattori

Date: TBD

FT5: Eagle Ford Full-Immersion Virtual Reality Field Course

Leaders: Patricio Desjardins, Toti Larson

Date: TBD

FT6: Geologic Evolution of the Wichita Paleoplain, Llano Uplift, Central Texas

Leaders: Peter R. Rose, Thomas E. Ewing, and Charles M. Woodruff, Jr.

Date: 10/30

FT7: Barton Springs Geology and Geophysics, and Habitat Conservation Management Efforts, Austin

Leaders: Mustafa Saribudak, Sylvia Pope, and Nico Hauwert

Date: 10/30

FT8: Volcanic Features of the Austin Area and their Subsurface Characterization Revealed By Geophysical Studies and Recent Excavations and Borings

Leaders: Mustafa Saribudak, Alan Cherepon, Chris Caran

Date: 10/31

FT9: World Class and Spectacular Late Cambrian Microbial Reef Outcrops in Mason County, Texas

Leaders: André W. Droxler

Date: 10/23 through 10/25