FT2: Analysis of the Longhorn Cavern Modern Cave System as to Formational Processes, Internal Cave Sediment Fills, and Initial Breakdown: First Step in Understanding Buried Collapsed Paleocave Systems

Leaders: Bob Loucks and Chris Zahm

Date: Saturday 10/30

Karsted strata containing paleocave systems make excellent reservoirs in the ancient, and in some cases they form lost-fluid zones that greatly affect drilling. A field trip to Longhorn Cavern in Central Texas is an excellent opportunity to learn about important aspects of cave systems such as formational processes, controls on cave patterns, internal cave fills, and initial breakdown and associated fracturing. This trip will provide many insights into caves and how they evolve into coalesced collapsed paleocave systems as seen in the ancient. This is a beautiful cave and an easy walking tour! Participants will also have the opportunity to view a few cores from karst paleocave reservoirs.

20 standard participants + 3 students max

$240 Standard / $100 Student

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Field Trip 2