FT6: Geologic Evolution of the Wichita Paleoplain, Llano Uplift, Central Texas

Leaders: Peter R. Rose, Thomas E. Ewing, and Charles M. Woodruff, Jr.

Date: Saturday 10/30

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The Wichita Paleoplain (WPP) is the regional unconformity between the Lower Cretaceous strata of North-central Texas and the faulted Precambrian and Paleozoic terranes that lie beneath them. This field trip addresses the WPP in the Llano Uplift, examining the Stratigraphy, Structure, Paleogeomorphology, and modern Geomorphology, facilitating a holistic synthesis of the geologic history of the Llano Uplift.

Example: Did you know that the valleys of the modern Llano and San Saba rivers directly overlie their ancient WPP counterparts?

45 standard participants + 5 students max

$200 Standard / $80 Student

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