FT7: Barton Springs Geology and Geophysics, and Habitat Conservation Management Efforts, Austin

Leaders: Mustafa Saribudak, Sylvia Pope, and Nico Hauwert

Date: Saturday 10/30

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Barton Springs which is a major discharge site for the Barton Springs Segment of the karstic Edwards Aquifer and is located in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. The Main Barton Springs discharges into the Barton Springs pool from the Barton Springs Fault. We have extensive geophysical data across the Barton Spring fault and the Main Barton Barton Springs that characterize the fault and the conduit that feed the Main Springs. We will discuss and outline the main features of the fault and the karstic conduit along with Old Mills and Eliza springs.

We will also discuss the recent restoration work at Eliza Springs and how spring flow quantity and quality factor into the Habitat Conservation management for the Barton Springs and Austin Blind salamanders.

45 standard participants + 5 students max

$175 Standard / $80 Student

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