FT8: Volcanic Features of the Austin Area and their Subsurface Characterization Revealed by Geophysical Studies, Recent Excavations & Borings

Leaders: Mustafa Saribudak, Alan Cherepon, and Chris Caran

Date:  Sunday 10/31

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Surface exposures of volcanic rocks in the Austin area that correspond to long-time oil-producing environment ("Serpentine Plugs") in Texas. Results of recent geophysical surveys and subsurface excavations and borings for new housing developments have provided new data, such as locations of volcanic vents, craters and faults, and exposed new rocks previously unknown in Austin, if not Texas. As a result, these observations have resulted in a revision of the guidebook for this popular and exciting field trip. Come see and learn about these important updates to a well studied and favorite of local and visiting geologists and volcano aficionados.

45 standard participants + 5 students max

$180 Standard / $80 Student

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