SC2: Introduction to Salt Tectonics: Interpreting Seismic When Exploring in a Salt-Driven Realm

Leader: Mike Hudec (UT Austin)

Date: Tuesday 10/26, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Course Description

The course will begin by discussing the mechanics of salt flow, and how these mechanics influence the movement of salt to form various types of salt structures. Then, each of the major types of salt structures will be discussed in detail: salt anticlines/pillows, salt stocks/walls, and salt sheets. For each major type of salt structures, we will discuss processes of formation and diagnostic features. The course will also feature two seismic-interpretation exercises, which will show guidelines for interpreting top and base of salt, as well as the process for using sediment geometries around the salt to infer salt-structural evolution.

After completing this course, participants should be able to interpret and understand the evolution of all the major types of salt structures. Participants should be able to understand the diagnostic features of each type of structure, as well as the models for their formation. We will also discuss guidelines for seismic interpretation, as well as common seismic-interpretation pitfalls. Finally, participants should be able to discuss the driving forces and resisting factors that govern the evolution of salt structures.


Salt interpretation and evolution.

Salt modeling.


Graduate students and industry professionals.


30 person limit.

Face-to-face only (no virtual options available at this time).

Pricing: Regular $195 / Student $79

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