SC3: Water in Texas 101: Science, Regulatory Framework

Leader: Robert Mace

Date: Tuesday 10/26, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Course Description

James Michener wrote that “Water, not oil, is the lifeblood of Texas.” That’s not to say that oil and gas are not important, but we wouldn’t be able to access oil and gas resources without water not to mention meeting the needs for agriculture, industry, the environment, and an ever-growing population. Despite the importance of water, there are many misconceptions about it, including its scientific, legal, and management aspects. This is particularly true for the “secret, occult, and concealed” groundwater that flows beneath the landscapes of the state. The purpose of this short course is to build a foundation of understanding in the science, policy, and planning of water in Texas and provide attendees with “insider information” (honed at the anvil of a 30-year career) on how to learn about local water resources across the state.

Questions to be answered include:

1. What is the water budget for Texas?

2. How does surface water work?

3. How does groundwater work?

4. What are the legal doctrines for surface, groundwater?

5. How are surface water and groundwater managed?

6. How are surface water, groundwater permitted/used?

7. How are surface water and groundwater planned for?

8. What are emerging issues for surface water and groundwater resources?

9. How can you research potential surface water and groundwater resources?


Introduction to surface water, groundwater, water management, and water planning in the context of oil and gas water resourcing.


Anyone seeking to know/refresh how water resources work in Texas. A basic understanding of surface water and groundwater is helpful but not required.


No course limit.

Virtual instruction and live streaming available.

Pricing: Regular $125 / Student $49

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