SC4: Advanced Multi-Well Formation Evaluation & Core Data Integration

Leaders: Carlos Torres-Verdín and Toti Larson (UT Austin)

Date: Tuesday 10/26, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Course Description

This course will provide an overview of the concepts of formation evaluation through the integration of well logs and core samples. Participants will explore new approaches to integrate core data into reservoir characterization and geomechanical models that include thin-bed heterogeneities that are typical to unconventional mudrock systems.

The course will emphasize the aspects relevant to petroleum industry both for exploration as well as reservoir development applications.

1. Introduction into well-log interpretation and approaches to core characterization.

2. Limitations and advantages of well logs and core characterizations.

3. Machine learning approaches to integrate core measurements and well logs for upscaling.

4. Examples will include carbonate turbidite sequences in the Permian Basin and mudrocks.

Modern well-log and core datasets that include core box photographs, high resolution X-ray fluorescence core scanning, lithologic core descriptions, and petrophysical core plug measurements will be used to (a) emphasize the types of data collections that are commonly obtained, and (b) new methods to integrate and upscale core-based measurements to well-log interpretations. The course will have a number of short 30-40 min lectures on different topics followed by question and discussions with students. A short exercise will also be used to reinforce some of the concepts and practical interpretation methods.


Learn about the principles of formation evaluation via wireline log interpretation, and new approaches to merging core data into reservoir characterization models.


Intended for geology and petrophysics students from academia and professionals from industry.


25 - 30 course limit.

Virtual instruction and live streaming available.

Pricing: Regular $195 / Student $79

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