SC6: Shallow Marine Reservoirs: Deltas as a Key Depositional System in Clastic Source-to-Sink Systems

Leaders: Cornel Olariu and Ron Steel (UT Austin)

Date: Tuesday 10/26, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Course Description

Modern datasets, outcrops and subsurface data sets will be used to emphasize the variability of river delta deposits and extract the commonalities between all deltas as well as subtle differences. This includes observations on morphology, sediment transport, building/prograding time, architecture (geometry, dimensions) of vary delta systems. The role of the river deltas into delivering sediments from the inner shelf to outer shelf and contributing to the building the entire basin margin will be emphasized.

The course will have a number of short 30-40 min lectures followed by question and discussions with students. A short exercise to reinforce some of the teaching will also be used.

Lectures will be on specific topics:

1. Modern river deltas: their variability, reservoir importance.

2. The significance of double clinoform architecture in deltas.

3. Recognizing/measuring river, tide and wave signals in deltas.

4. Delta architecture, reservoirs during rise and fall of sea level.

The course emphasizes the aspects relevant to petroleum industry both for exploration as well as reservoir development applications.

1. What are the main sedimentary processes involved in river delta formation?

2. What are the key controls on the dimension and geometry of deltaic sandbodies?

3. How can first principles of sediment supply and accommodation and river-marine energy be used to predict the delta type?

4. What are the typical sedimentary structures and sedimentary architecture associated with different delta types?


Source-to-sink applied to clastic depositional systems with a focus on evolution of modern and ancient deltaic systems.

Delta formation.


Geologists (students to professionals) seeking to learn about principles of delta deposits and river deltas as “double clinoforms”.


40 - 50 people limit.

Virtual instruction and live streaming available.

Pricing: Regular $125 / Student $49

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