SC7: Python Geoscience Tools - Introduction to Scientific Computing and Machine Learning

Leader: Gail Christeson (UTIG)

Date: Saturday 10/30, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Course Description

Python is an open-source programming language that is gaining in popularity and is freely available on multiple platforms (e.g., windows, macs, linux). Interactive lectures will be delivered using Jupyter notebooks; Jupyter is installed as part of the Anaconda Python download and all attendees should install the Anaconda Individual Edition on their person computer for the short course.

Objectives: This half-day course will introduce using Python to 1) Import, analyze, and visualize datasets; 2) Carry out unsupervised and supervised machine learning. We will cover common Python libraries for application to geoscience research.

Course topics:

  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
  • Importing data with Pandas
  • Extracting data subsets with Pandas
  • Visualizing data with Matplotlib and Plotly
  • Introduction to unsupervised, supervised machine learning with Sklearn


Introduction to Scientific computing and machine learning.


Geoscientist students and professionals who have some programming experience but are curious about scientific Python and machine learning.


No course limit.

Virtual instruction and live streaming available.

Pricing: Regular $125 / Student $79

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